Solar / January 17, 2018

This Year, Saving Money Is a Breeze

Get Wind of How You Can Save More Cash in 2018

What’s the forecast for 2018? Sunny and full of savings!

With the expected increase in energy use and the cost of electricity on the rise, our San Diego solar company, Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar predicts a lot more people are going to make the switch to solar energy over the next 365 days.

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Discover why solar energy is your home’s blue sky.

Build Your Rainy Day Savings

With the cost of coal, natural gas and other nonrenewable fuel sources on the rise, electricity has become increasingly more expensive—and, unfortunately, there’s no sign of this upward trend stopping. But there is a way for you to weather this costly storm before it strikes your budget: Switch to solar energy.

As you know, solar energy derives its power from the sun. What’s significant about this is, when it comes to fuel sources, the sun tops the affordability charts, costing you the bargain basement price of—free. That’s right. Extracting power from the sun doesn’t cost you anything.

So whether you switch your entire home over to solar energy or you choose to just add a panel or two, this green energy source will part those costly monthly energy bill clouds and let savings shine through.

The Sun Never Sets on Your Home’s Power

Extracting power from the sun isn’t just free. It’s incredibly reliable, too. Because of this, solar energy is stealing gridded electricity’s thunder.

Have you ever wondered why sunburns are still a threat on a cloudy day? Well, it’s because the sun’s rays are always making their way to earth even if the sun itself isn’t visible. In fact, this durability is half of the reason why solar energy is so dependable. The other is that solar panels can generate power from both direct and indirect sunlight. As a result of this, with solar energy, power is guaranteed—rain or shine.

A Sunny Investment With a Chance of High Returns

Solar systems don’t come cheap. But don’t take a rain check on going green because of the price. Instead, view solar energy as an investment. Doing so will open your eyes to its returns.

On top of the savings lower energy bills radiate, solar energy can generate income for you. Instead of letting the extra energy your panels absorb go to waste, sell it back to the electric company.

Plus, that’s not all. Because of the immeasurable environmental benefits solar energy radiates, the government offers tax incentives to homeowners who make the switch. In short, through the federal solar tax credit, homeowners qualify for a one-time credit that’s equal to 30 percent of the total cost of their solar panel system. In addition, California offers its own tax credits for switching to solar, too.

At Mauzy, our professionals will disclose the specific tax incentives your area offers for switching to San Diego solar power.

If You Want to Be on Cloud Nine, Switch to Solar Energy

As a whole, solar energy delivers positive environmental impacts, contributes to our nation’s energy independence and provides more jobs than the coal or mainstream oil and gas sectors in the U.S. With that being said, over time, going green radiates tremendous benefits for the environment and our economy.

But when it comes to your home, the benefits of switching to solar are immediate and clear as day. To kick off this year on the bright side, fill out our online form or call us at 800.413.MAUZY[6289] today!

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