Smart Membership

Smart Membership

Protect your HVAC system – the smart way.

Our maintenance membership program is back and better than ever. Make the most of your heating and cooling system for the lowest possible price.

Protect your HVAC investment and prolong your system with free annual tune ups, priority service, and more!

Smart Benefits: Free for Smart Members

Annual Tune Ups

We’ll perform two annual maintenance checks to ensure efficiency. Expect a more comfortable home (and energy bill).

No Breakdown Guarantee

We guarantee your system will not break down within 6 months of services. In the rare chance a breakdown does occur within 6 months of services, we will waive all dispatch and diagnostic fees, and apply a $100 credit towards any repair needed.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our service repair will operate as designed or we’ll remove it and refund you.

$0 Dispatch Fees

Members will never be charged any dispatch fees. Value: $139

Get 15% Off Service Repairs

As a member, enjoy 15% off service repairs and IAQ products. Average annual savings: $130

Credit Towards Investment

100% of your membership fees can be credited towards a replacement. Value: Up to $500

Priority Service

Jump the line whenever your system needs repair. Our certified technicians take care of Smart Members first.

Smart Pricing: Covers One Full System

$19.99/mo or $239.88/yr

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What benefits are unlocked if I sign up today?

Waived Diagnostic

Peace of Mind

Why do I need annual tune ups?

Optimize Performance

Our certified technicians ensure your system operates safely and efficiently.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Tune ups help to catch small issues with your system from turning into big ones.

Maintain System Warranty

Skipping tune ups can void your warranty, depending on the manufacturer.

What’s Included in a Tune Up?

  • Heating Tune Up Checklist

    Blower: Measure amperage and voltage

    Blower Motor: Inspect for oil leaks

    Burner: Brush clean and vacuum

    Combustion Prevention: Inspect for combustible material around furnace

    Combustion Vents: Surface clean upper and lower vents

    Duct System: Test for carbon monoxide

    Electrical Wiring: Inspect and tighten as needed

    Exhaust System: Test for proper venting

    Exterior: Clean furnace exterior

    Fan Belt: Inspect and adjust tension (if applicable)

    Filter: Clean or replace (customer must supply)

    Gas Leak Test: For your safety

    Gas Pressure: Measure and adjust for peak efficiency

    Heat Exchanger: Visually inspect for wear and cracks

    Ignition System: Test for safe and proper operation

    Moving Parts: Lubricate as needed, per manufacturer

    Supply/Return: Measure temperature difference

    Safety & Control Circuits: Test for proper operation

    Thermocouple: Clean and test for proper operation

    Thermostat: Calibrate and level

  • Cooling Tune Up Checklist

    Blower: Inspect for proper operation

    Blower Motor: Inspect for proper function

    Secondary Motor Control: Inspect and test proper operation

    Condenser Coil: Surface rinse clean and remove any debris

    Compressor: Monitor amperage and volt draw

    Contactors: Inspect and test for proper operation

    Ductwork: Inspect for energy loss

    Electrical Disconnect: Inspect electrical box

    Electrical Wiring: Inspect and tighten as needed

    Electrical Wiring: Inspect for any exposed wires

    Fan Blade: Inspect for wear and cracks

    Filter: Clean or replace (customer must supply)

    Indoor Coil: Inspect for build up

    Return Air/Size: Confirm proper operation

    Refrigerant: Monitor operation pressures

    Safety Devices: Inspect for proper operation

    Service Valves: Inspect and test for proper operation

    Suction Line: Inspect for proper  Fittings

    Supply/Return: Measure temperature difference

    Thermostat: Calibrate and level

    Time Delay Relay: Inspect for proper function

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