HVAC Technology / December 21, 2017

Buy New HVAC Equipment Online With New Virtual Sales Tool

Website Software, Paired With Mauzy’s Verification Process, Makes Replacement More Convenient

You can shop online for shoes, home appliances and even cars. So, when you need a new air conditioning unit in San Diego, why can’t you enjoy the same convenience? Of course, you might not know which equipment you need or understand the differences between models. That’s why you hire a professional HVAC contractor to provide an estimate and, ultimately, install your system.

At Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar, we are proud to introduce a new tool that gives our customers the best of both worlds: the ease of online shopping, along with the expertise and support for which you rely on us for heating and air in San Diego.

Virtual Salesperson Helps Choose Best System for Your Needs

Coming soon, a virtual salesperson on our website will ask you questions to identify your needs and preferences for an HVAC replacement in your home. You can choose the system you want for the budget and monthly payment you can afford. But you don’t need to figure it out on your own. Our system will gather the necessary information to ensure accurate equipment specifications. Then, we’ll verify that it’s right before we install it.

“By asking online what year your home was built, we can determine the thickness of the walls and insulation. We’ll also ask questions such as whether you have upgraded the windows in your home and whether your attic is insulated to properly size your system,” President Matt Mauzy says. “Then, we’ll visit your home to do a field verification to double check everything.”

The web software will allow you to secure financing and schedule the installation. We are working to make the virtual salesperson platform available by April 2018.

Avoid Pitfalls of Purchasing Without Expert Assistance

Using the platform on your trusted HVAC contractor’s website protects against problems you can encounter when buying equipment independently from an online retailer. Buying a heating or air conditioning system on your own could result in one of the following unfortunate consequences:

– Choosing the wrong size (resulting in inefficient or ineffective performance)
– Bad connections between the new unit and your existing ductwork
– Shoddy installation by the retailer’s subcontractor
– Warranty issues
– Less comprehensive support when service or parts are needed

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of ensuring your HVAC equipment is properly sized. When it is too small, it won’t be able to meet your household’s comfort expectations. If it’s oversized, temperatures can be inconsistent throughout your home because it can be uncomfortably warm or cool in some areas while the unit continues running to heat or chill other spaces. Systems that are too large also cycle off and on more frequently, resulting in increased energy costs and wear-and-tear on the equipment.

Count on Mauzy

Your life is busy, so the appeal of online shopping—from the comfort of your home, at any hour of the day—makes perfect sense. But you will cost yourself more time and stress if you make the wrong purchase. So rely on the Mauzy team’s virtual sales tool and verification process to get expert assistance.

You also can count on us whether you need AC service in San Diego, routine maintenance in El Cajon, solar panels in Rancho Bernardo or heating repair in San Diego.

When you need an HVAC contractor you can trust and who makes it convenient to keep your comfort systems running, fill out our online form or call us at 800.413.MAUZY[6289] today!

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