Adding onto Your Home? Don’t Ignore Your AC

Adding more space onto your home can help make it more livable, while also increasing your home’s resale value. As more people find themselves forced to stay home, major remodeling…

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3 Common Questions About Central Air Conditioners and Humidity

Warm summer days are enjoyable, but high levels of humidity can often ruin otherwise beautiful weather. Your home’s HVAC can help to provide a refuge on humid days, but sometimes…

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AC Hard Start: Causes and Solutions

Your air conditioner (AC) has a hard start if it struggles to start. You might have to turn on the AC multiple times before it runs. Below are some causes…

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What to Expect with a Mauzy Installation

  When you’re considering home renovations, you might be apprehensive and have a preconceived mindset of inviting contractors into your home. Will they take care of my home? Are they…

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