HVAC Tips / January 18, 2018

Kiss a System Replacement Goodbye

Learn How to Keep Your System Running Years Longer

3, 2, 1…Happy New Year! Now, let the countdown to 2019 begin!

Wait, what?

Every year, when the ball drops, we take time to embrace the new year’s arrival. But time doesn’t take a break. It continues moving ahead. When the countdown hits zero, it resets and begins counting down all over again.

Believe it or not, your HVAC unit works in the same way. After installing a new unit, you celebrate its unbeatable performance, superior efficiency and the unwavering comfort it delivers. But while you’re basking in its proficiency, the countdown until your system needs a replacement has already begun.

But don’t fret. As the experts of cooling and heating in San Diego, our team at Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar can help you delay your system’s countdown with our thorough system maintenance.

Here’s how caring for your system gives you more time to enjoy your current unit before its replacement clock strikes midnight.

Greet Your New System With Care

Unlike the countdown to the new year, time isn’t the only factor that affects when your system needs a replacement. Its health matters, too.

Simply put, the healthier your system is, the longer it will last. So, to keep your system in tip-top shape, you must give it the TLC it needs. This means scheduling regular system inspections and frequent unit checkups.

Failing to care for you system will cause it to age faster, eventually leading to the need for a system replacement years before you anticipated. This unexpected financial investment can wreak havoc on your budget.

However, giving your system the maintenance it needs adds time to your system’s clock—and we aren’t talking measly minutes. If you commit to keeping your system healthy from the moment it’s installed, you could potentially add years to its lifespan.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there. Giving your heating or cooling system the maintenance it needs pops the cork to other amazing benefits, too.

Ring in the Performance & Comfort You Deserve

A healthy system doesn’t just last longer. It runs better, too. You see, a healthy unit not only handles your comfort demands effortlessly, it also:

  • Provides a more reliable and powerful performance
  • Delivers universal comfort from room to room
  • Eliminates hot and cold spots
  • Wastes less energy
  • Lowers your energy bills

But keep this in mind: The only way to avoid playing catch up with your system’s health is to start caring for it from day one. This will keep your unit operating like new long after it loses that just-out-of-the-box appeal.

The Repair-Free Resolution

System repairs can be relentless. The longer they’re left unresolved, the more they can escalate. But, if it’s not performed properly, a quick fix can result in costly repairs or, even worse, a premature system replacement.

Plus, when your system malfunctions or needs a repair, its efficiency suffers. Essentially, it has to work harder to overcome its problems and keep your space comfortable. Too often, your energy bills skyrocket even though your comfort needs aren’t being met.

Well, through a system tune-up or inspection with Mauzy, our professionals will dive in and examine your system’s internal parts. Since our professionals have years of hands-on expertise and industry knowledge, they know exactly how every part in your system is supposed to look and operate. So, whether there’s a tiny crack or a major leak, you can count on us to find any problem or potential issue—and repair it right away. This stops repairs from escalating and prevents total system breakdowns.

Toast to Caring for Your Unit With Mauzy

At Mauzy, your comfort is our priority. Because of this, we vow to only deliver the superior air conditioning and heater service in San Diego that you deserve. Whether that’s a dependable installation, a swift repair or a thorough unit inspection, we’ll help you kick off the new year the right way. Fill out our online form or call us at 800.413.MAUZY[6289] today!

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