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3 Clear Benefits of Propane Heating

When most people think of heating a home, they imagine either an electric or a gas-powered furnace. Yet these are not the only residential heating options, nor are they always the best. Propane heating constitutes one lesser-known yet equally adept form of home heating, one that offers benefits for those who live in areas with relatively mild winters. Get the Toronto handyman services to install this same one at your home too now.

Unfortunately, according to eXp Realty’s overview, the lack of general knowledge around propane heating means many homeowners overlook this otherwise wonderful option. If you would like to boost your knowledge about alternative heating methods, read on. This article will outline three clear benefits of switching to a propane-based HVAC system.

  1. High Energy
    Like natural gas, propane represents a domestically produced fossil fuel. When it comes to the heat produced by these two substances, however, propane clearly packs a greater punch. One cubic foot of propane contains over two times as much usable energy as the equivalent amount of natural gas.This fact allows a propane furnace to heat your home in a highly efficient manner. A 100,000 BTU/hr furnace running on natural gas will consume approximately 97 cubic feet over the course of one hour. The exact same furnace running on propane will only consume 40 cubic feet.Propane’s heat-generating advantages are even clearer when compared with electric furnaces. For one thing, propane represents a much more cost-effective option in the long term. For another, a propane furnace will be capable of bringing your home up to heat in a much shorter amount of time, thanks to the incredible energy density of propane.
  2. Low Environmental Impact
    Propane holds the distinction of being recognized by the Clean Air Act of 1990 as a clean fuel source. Propane keeps its environmental impact so low thanks to its incredible purity. Carbon content represents one of the largest contributing factors to the amount of pollution an energy source generates. Resources like coal, gasoline, and even natural gas tend to have a naturally much higher carbon content.Propane, on the other hand, contains virtually no unwanted carbon. As a result, propane combustion yields only the smallest amounts of greenhouse gases. As more people begin to question the impact their heating decisions have on the environment at large, propane will only become a more attractive option. More people using propane means environmental benefits for everyone.
  3. Reliable Performance
    Electric furnaces possess an inherent vulnerability in that they will cease to heat your home should the power go out. This can leave you shivering through storms and emergencies. Natural gas is also vulnerable to disruption because the supply lines that deliver it to your house can easily become damaged.Propane remains capable of heating your home through even the worst of weather. Unlike the aforementioned fuel sources, all of the propane you’ll need for months of heating resides right on your property in a tough, weatherproof tank. As long as you keep your tank sufficiently full, you won’t have any problems staying warm when bad weather strikes.However, propane’s performance benefits don’t stop at reliability. Propane also boasts the ability to provide power to a wide range of home and outdoor appliances including: barbecues, water heaters, and fireplaces. Once you have installed a storage tank on your property, routing propane to such secondary fixtures is a quick and easy job.

    Many people don’t recognize the benefits offered by propane based HVAC systems. Propane has the potential to change the way you heat your home for the better.

For more information about determining the best method for heating your San Diego County home, please don’t hesitate to  contact the experts at Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar.

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