Why is my air conditioner not blowing cool air?

Why is my air conditioner not blowing cool air?

Refrigerant Leaks: potentially due to undercharging during installation or if there is a leak. Performance & efficiency of your unit is based off the proper amount of refrigerant in the system.

Lack of Maintenance: it is recommended to have your system maintained (tuned up) once a year for maximum efficiency. During a tune up, a Mauzy technician will perform a 13 point check on your system which includes: cleaning or replacing your filter (homeowner must provide), checking freon pressures and levels, inspecting the electrical wiring and connections, inspecting the condensate drain and pipes, and checking the fan blades for cracks, among other things. It is also required to keep your manufacturer warranties active. Annual maintenance on your system allows you to catch any issues before they arise.

Dirty Filter: As the most common reason your AC system may have issues, it is recommended to change or clean your filter once a year (as part of the annual maintenance on your system) to maximize airflow and keep energy costs low. A dirty filter can cause other problems besides increased energy consumption such as causing a burnout to the motor (the clogged filter causes a strain on the system) or clogging the air ducts.

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