Ducted vs. ductless unit?

Ducted vs. ductless unit?

When to go with a ducted unit:

  • Your house is already pre-plumbed
  • You need to control humidity. Ductless units can’t properly remove moisture from the air in the entire home. They will dehumidify a smaller area while operating but have little effect on the whole house.
  • You need better airflow. Ducted units are better at cooling down large spaces/homes compared to a ductless unit which is designed to cool each area individually instead of moving air between spaces.
  • Aesthetic is important to you. With a ducted unit, there is only the outside condenser compared to ductless which consists of the outside condenser as well as multiple head units within each room.

When to go with a ductless unit:

  • Your house cannot have ducts installed (possibly due to the layout of the home or lack of space)
  • You have a smaller yard that cannot fit a full size condenser
  • You have room additions
  • You need to control multiple spaces individually. While this can be achieved with a zoned, ducted unit, with a ductless system you don’t have to worry about losing air flow quality due to dirty/clogged ducts.

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