Air Conditioning / July 3, 2018

Mistakes that Shorten AC Lifespans

The average air conditioner in the home lasts around 15 years (less if used frequently).  You want your home’s air conditioner to remain a reliable source of refreshingly cool air, but you might be making some homeowner mistakes that can make your AC unit wear out sooner than it should.

With proper care and maintenance, you can add up to a decade of useful life to your air conditioner. Prolong your system and avoid these common homeowner mistakes!

Not Cleaning the Unit
This mistake includes ignoring the ducts and vents that keep cool air flowing through your home. When your air conditioner collects debris, pollen, dust, and other contaminants (especially on portions of the unit that face the outdoor elements), the interior workings of your air compressor are affected as a result.

If you neglect to wipe down or wash the outside of the unit, the fan blades, compressor, and other running parts of your air conditioner will wear out over time.

Furthermore, if you ignore periodic cleaning, you allow the same nasty debris to get inside your house. If anyone in your home is prone to allergies or asthma, they will be affected by pollen and dirt-ridden air blown in by a filthy air conditioner.

Not Doing Inspections
Just because your air conditioner or HVAC unit worked just fine last year, and perhaps you even covered the unit appropriately during any non-use months, it does not mean you need to ignore routine maintenance. Leaks, poor or warm air flow, loud noises, and other flaws in your system may have gone unnoticed in the past but may only get worse.

Have your air conditioner inspected every season prior to its first use. Your HVAC specialist will clean your unit and make any needed service repairs during your annual inspection. Ask your specialist to clean your vents and ducts during your annual inspection.

Frequent Use
An air conditioner that is used too often, whether left on all the time or set at a very low temperature, not only uses up a lot of energy, but the unit also wears out much quicker. Pick a daytime and nighttime temperature setting for your air conditioner and don’t change these settings. You can install a thermostat that automatically changes the temperature of the AC unit at predetermined times.

The ideal daytime air conditioner setting is around 78 degrees during the day (you can raise this setting during the night when outside temps are cooler). Not only will you save money on lowering your current thermostat settings (the higher the setting, the more you save on energy costs in the home), you will also help your air conditioner last much longer.

To get the most out of the cool air in your home, invest in blackout curtains to keep sunlight from interfering with interior temperatures and make sure all windows are closed.

Your current air conditioner can last many years with the right maintenance. For more information on how to care for your air conditioner and to have your unit inspected, call us at 858-900-3909. We handle all heating, air conditioning and solar needs. Make your appointment today!

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