Air Conditioning / July 17, 2018

Save Energy When Using Your AC

As soon as the weather begins to warm up, you crank up the air conditioner and likely leave the unit running most of the time. Unfortunately, your energy bills will reflect frequent AC usage. The average American spends more money keeping their home cool than any other electrical expense; air conditioning takes up as much as 22% of a home’s energy costs during their seasonal use.

You want to stay cool in your home, but you don’t want to go broke either. Here are ways you can save money while using your air conditioner this summer.

Use Your Ceiling Fan
While a ceiling fan won’t actually cool your home down, the unit will circulate the air within the home and help you feel cooler. The average ceiling fan can make a room feel up to seven degrees cooler, especially when used to circulate the air conditioning that is already on in the home. You save money when you use less AC to keep you comfortable as a result.

A ceiling fan can help keep cold air circulating throughout your house, which can reduce your urgency to keep turning the thermostat down. Remember, your ceiling fans should run counter-clockwise in summer to pull air straight down (in the winter, the opposite direction is desired). You should be able to find a switch on your fan to change its blade movement direction.

Pick a Temperature
Pick a cool temperature and stick to it. The less your air conditioner has to operate to meet your fluctuating temperature desires, the less money the unit will cost you to run. Furthermore, you risk wearing out your air conditioner by abusing its temperature settings. A common in-house air conditioner setting is between 73 and 79 degrees; choose the setting that is most comfortable for your family.

When you are not home, set your air conditioner to a few degrees higher and turn your air conditioner off at night to save money on home cooling costs.

Close and Cover Windows
There’s little sense in cooling your home while you have the windows wide open or when you leave window shades raised allowing hot sunlight to enter the room. Invest in blackout shades and keep blinds and windows closed while your air conditioner operates to allow the unit to effectively cool your home.

Create Less Indoor Heat
Try cooking meals outside on the barbecue or doing crock pot meals, which uses less heat than the stove or oven. Run appliances that radiate heat, such as a dishwasher or dryer, at night when the temperatures are cooler.

By reducing the amount of heat you add to your home’s interior from everyday tasks, you help to naturally keep your home cool, thus lowering the energy your air conditioner uses to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Service Your Air Conditioner
Hire an HVAC specialist to inspect and service your air conditioner before Summer is in full swing. A healthy air conditioner uses less energy and maintains cooler temperatures better than a unit that is working overtime to cool your home. If your air conditioner is dated, leaky, or unreliable, consider replacing your existing unit with a newer, energy-efficient model.

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