HVAC Technology / November 25, 2013

HVAC Efficiency: See How Much You Can Save

Have you ever considered buying the cheaper heating or air conditioning unit to save some money up front? You might be shocked to know that those savings will often end up being a cost in the long run. Some goods can be purchased at a discount rate and truly create savings for you; HVAC systems are not a good that can be perceived as a fixed, one time cost. We want you to make the right decision when it comes to picking your next heating or air conditioning system. We’ll break it down and show you how much money you can truly save on a more efficient HVAC installation.

The Most Efficient HVAC Systems

There are some extremely efficient HVAC systems that are currently on the market. For heating purposes, you can find gas furnaces such as the Carrier 59MN7 Infinity® 98 Series with Infinity® Control that provide extremely high efficiency ratings. By using numbers provided by Energy Star, let’s explore some real world savings figures.

Carrier 59MN7 Infinity® 98 Series with Infinity® Control

Capacity (MBtu/hr) Energy Use: Annual Energy Use (kWh) Annual Gas Use (MMBtu) Annual Cost (National Average)* Lifetime Cost to Operate** % Saving over Standard Furnace
AFUE Furnace Fan Efficiency
60 97.4 1.1% 154 47 $508 $9,140 23%
80 97.4 2.0% 458 77 $864 $15,560 20%
100 97.1 1.7% 470 94 $1,037 $18,665 21%
120 97.2 1.6% 505 109 $1,202 $21,628 21%

As shown above, the lifetime cost to operate this system is based on a national average. If you’re one of our local San Diego readers, your costs may be lower due to our shorter Winters, but our energy costs may be higher than the national average.

When compared to the industry standard minimum at around 80% AFUE, you should expect to see some drastic energy savings in the ballpark of 20 to 23%. For an even stronger comparison, expect to save up to 40% on your energy bills if you’re updating from an outdated furnace running at 60 to 70% AFUE. On older furnaces, one could theoretically save between $300 and $400 annually which could easily pay for the cost of the new furnace over the lifetime in just operating costs!

If you’re considering upgrading, talk to the experts at Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar. We provide these numbers to give you a good estimate of your potential savings. These numbers will vary from home to home and depending on what current system you have. Our HVAC experts will help you figure out the exact cost benefit analysis for your home; get in touch today!

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