HVAC Technology / November 29, 2013

Duct Sealing and Saving Energy

With utility costs increasing, many homeowners are looking to save energy anywhere it is possible. Did you know well over 30% of your homes conditioned air could be leaking through your central air ducting into your attic? According to, most homes have an average duct loss over 30%. A simple yet effective solution is having your existing duct work sealed and the air loss tested. With new regulations in effect as of January 2014, all homes in Southern California will require a certified duct testing (HERS Rater) as part of replacing your heating and air conditioning system.

Efficiency: Beyond The Air Conditioning or Heating System

With all of your duct work properly sealed and tested, you can rest assure knowing that you will be saving on your energy costs. An average sized home duct sealing can be completed within one day and testing is typically preformed that same day. If you are interested in saving energy, call Mauzy Heating and Air Conditioning to see if duct sealing is the best option for you.

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