Air Conditioning / September 28, 2013

Zoning Your Heating & Air Conditioning System: Efficiency & Comfort

We’ve all lived in a house that has a warm upstairs and a chilly downstairs before. Potentially, you might have experienced a single bedroom that stays inexplicably colder than the rest of the home. Insulation, ductwork and other factors in your HVAC system can create disparate temperature variations, but fortunately, modern technology is helping to balance your home’s comfort level out using new technology combined with your heating and air conditioning systems.

Dual Heating & Air Conditioning Zone Control

Looking to keep the upstairs cool on those warm summer nights while not wasting air conditioning on the lower floor of your home? A zone control system is the most cost effective and efficient way to accomplish just that. By using motorized dampers, zone control systems can utilize multiple thermostats throughout the home and heat and cool separate regions independently. This has obvious benefits; you could keep different zones of your home in a more temperate range depending on personal preference. By splitting the system and only regulating the regions of your home that you and your family are currently in, you can cut back significantly on energy costs!

Multi Zone Control HVAC Systems

Advanced systems can even have several different zone regions. These technologically advanced systems can heat or cool individual bedrooms or regions of the home, keeping each room at the perfect comfort level. By using advanced computer regulated thermostat systems, your family could even have the heat on in one room and the air conditioning in another!

Commercial Zone Control Air Conditioning & Heating

Zone controlled air conditioning and heating systems are excellent for commercial spaces too. If you’re a business owner with multiple offices, you’ve probably heard complaints about temperature before. A professional HVAC contractor can install these zone control damper systems in your commercial spaces’ ductwork and each office could have its own thermostat on a single heating and air conditioning system! This again can help balance the temperature to maintain an optimal comfort level while helping to reduce energy bills through higher efficiency.

If you’re a homeowner or a business owner who is interested in getting an estimate on installing zoning controls in your HVAC system, give Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar a call! Our HVAC experts serve the greater San Diego region. We stock the latest technology and provide the most modern training techniques to our staff to guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your zone control system in your home.

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