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The True Cost to Install a Heating System

Several factors are involved in the price of installing a new heating system. The heating unit brand, equipment size, and difficulty of installation being the most important in pricing your project. Heating systems which are easier to install will normally cost less. It is also important to remember that the existing ductwork, code requirements, and heating features of the unit will also vary the cost. The brand of the furnace is almost the most important factor in the end job pricing.

A More Expensive Furnace Can Pay Off!

Some manufactures offer low cost less reliable furnaces or heat pumps which may have a smaller upfront price but typically a homeowner will spend more in repairs and service. Reliable brands like Lennox offer a higher quality product that offers better warranties and internal system features. Some of these features that effect pricing but are very important in energy savings are the systems AFUE, gas valve operation, and blower motor settings. One item that effects heating system installation pricing is the city or county mechanical permit. Only work with licensed, bonded, and insured dealers that pull the proper permit and insist on quality brands. Some examples of heating system prices are below:

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

The Dave Lennox Signature Collection will be the most expensive series you can shop for. This higher price range is meant to ensure a quieter, more efficient, longer lasting furnace. If you’re interested in energy tax credits, this series of furnace is the model for you. AFUE ratings vary from 80 to 98.2.

SLP98V with installation – AFUE: Up to 98.2 – $5,150 to $12,000
SLP280V with installation – AFUE: 80 – $5,050 to $11,200

Elite Series

The Lennox Elite Series is the next step down from the Signature Collection. Slightly less efficient, but still efficient enough to qualify for most offered tax breaks and local energy rebates.

G61V with installation – AFUE: Up to 95 – $6,250 to 11,500
G61 with installation – AFUE: Up to 95 – $$6,200 to $11,200
EL195/E with installation – AFUE: 95 – $3,900 to $9,250
G60 with installation – AFUE: 80 – $2,700 to $9,200
G50 with installation – AFUE: 80 – $2,400 to $8,700

Merit Series

The Lennox Merit series is going to be your best economy buy. You can still find highly efficient furnaces in this series, but they may not be as low-profile or quiet as the Elite or Signature lines.

ML195 w/ installation – AFUE: 95 – $4,400 to $10,000
ML193 with installation – AFUE: 93 – $3,700 to $9,800
ML180E with installation – AFUE: 80 – $2,900 to $9,000
ML180 with installation – AFUE: 80 – $2,600 to $8,500

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