Air Conditioning / November 11, 2013

The Importance of Having A Qualified Installation Team Installing Your Heating & Air Conditioning System

A quality installation can make the difference in your heating and air conditioning system lasting 20+ years or potentially failing prematurely. Selecting the right HVAC contractor is the key ingredient to having a properly installed and reliable HVAC system. A contractor focused on quality will only have factory trained technicians, regular service meetings, and offer the top brands of equipment. Most of the top brands on the market today undergo a rigorous series of component tests at the factory. These tests insure the systems reliability and proper unit function. Once the heating and cooling equipment leaves the factory, failure will typically occur from the installing contractor. This means that most unit failure is due to improper installation, incorrect unit sizing, or incorrect component match up. It is critical that the heating system be sized properly to the conditioned space and that all components have the right configuration. Choosing the right contractor will only be achieved by doing your research. Established contractors in your area will have references available and reviews to look up. Check to see if the reviews are current and that all required licenses have been obtained. Most of this information is available online and homeowner reviews can be helpful insight into a contractor’s services.

Trust Matters for HVAC Installations

Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar technicians have been providing quality HVAC services to San Diego homeowners for over 40 years. At Mauzy Heating & Air, we train our the Mauzy Team to offer the best comfort solutions to homeowners. We perform load calculations and overview all the available options for heating and cooling your space. New installations are performed by our factory trained and certified personnel. We do not subcontract any of our HVAC work and we only offer the best brands of equipment. Call us today to set up a free in-home estimate at (619) 583-9545.

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