Solar / July 26, 2014

Solar Panel Installation

You’ve Got the Solar Panels, What Next?

Solar panels have recently become a lot more affordable for homeowners to purchase. As a result, more and more homeowners are looking to get into the solar game. Well, if you’ve already purchased solar panels, you’re going to need to get them installed on your home. Installation is important because this will ensure that your solar panels will work correctly, and that they are properly secured to your home. Haven’t purchased your solar panels yet? Mauzy Solar can help you with the solar process from start to finish. We offer solar panels for purchase AND solar panel installation, to make your solar purchase seamless.

Solar Panel Installation in San Diego, CA

We offer solar panel installation services throughout the greater San Diego, CA area. If you need solar panels installed on your home, the Team at Mauzy Solar are the ones for the job. We offer competitive pricing, great service, and have a name you can trust. Having solar panels installed on your home will give you a great and environmentally friendly source of energy, and can greatly add to the value of your home. We are fully equipped to install solar panels on your home, so don’t hesitate to get your solar panels installed with Mauzy Solar!

Call Mauzy Solar to Get Started!

The Team at Mauzy Solar looks forward to helping you get your solar panels installed the right way. For more information on installation, visit our solar installation page here for more information.

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