Air Conditioning / October 8, 2019

Potential Problems for Well-Kept AC Units

The AC unit, or condenser unit, is the main driver of your home’s air conditioning. One of the main goals of AC maintenance is to keep it in perfect working order.

The condenser unit isn’t the only thing that your system needs to cool your home effectively, though. And even if it’s had a checkup recently, it could be affected by problems in other areas of the system. Read on to learn some problems you could experience even when you keep your outdoor unit in great shape.

  1. Pests
    Pests can move in without warning at any time. Some pests, such as cockroaches or ants, are less likely to cause harm to the workings of the AC. In some cases, roaches could cause an electrical short in the system by eating the electrical wire insulation, but in most cases they stick to using your ductwork as a highway.Other pests, such as rodents, could actually damage the AC unit and ductwork, as well as other parts of your home. For example, mice and rats in the system can chew through any plastic ducts, use the duct insulation to make their nests, and cause a mold problem with their droppings.

    When you suspect a pest problem, your response needs to be twofold. First, you need to call in an exterminator. Second, after the extermination, have an AC inspection and see if you need any repairs.

  2. Dirty Ducts
    Many homeowners have their AC units cleaned and serviced regularly, but rarely or never look inside their ducts. If the system has ever operated with no filter or with a clogged filter, you could have excess dust buildup inside the ductwork.While dusty ducts won’t make your AC system quit, they do mean that the air blowing through your house can be very dirty. Keeping your ducts clean with a high-rated air filter at each intake register can help improve the quality of your indoor air.
  3. Warm Upstairs Temperatures
    If the temperatures in your upstairs rooms are warmer than those in your downstairs rooms, that doesn’t necessarily mean the AC system can’t keep up. Perhaps the thermostat is downstairs, so the system thinks everything is fine. The upstairs rooms are experiencing more heat gain, probably because they’re closer to your roof.If your upstairs rooms are consistently too warm, you may want to think about blocking some of the heat by increasing insulation. This can help reduce the amount of roof-collected heat your AC is fighting. You can also try keeping your AC’s fan set to the on position so it’s blowing air around your home constantly, mixing warmer second floor air with cooler downstairs air.
  4. Blocked or Closed Vents
    Closing the vents to a room that’s not in use may seem like a great way to save energy, but this can cause unforeseen problems. In point of fact, this maneuver increases the pressure within the system, making your unit work harder to move the same amount of air. Any leaky ducts (and most homes have them) will also lose more cooled air when pressure increases.As you can imagine, all these problems can also occur when air vents are accidentally blocked. But on top of that, the room with an accidentally blocked vent can’t stay cool because your system can’t blow as much cool air into it. If you notice the temperature climbing, check for blocked vents before you assume the AC unit isn’t working well.

These are just four AC problems that you may experience this summer, even if you’ve recently had an annual AC checkup. Whether your unit is well-serviced or a little neglected, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar can provide great service for your entire AC system. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.

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