Air Conditioning / March 24, 2021

New Air Conditioner? Ask Your Contractor These Questions

Are you ready to replace your AC system? If this is your first experience with this task, take a look at the questions to ask your contractor during the installation appointment.

What Does the Warranty Include?

You may have already asked the HVAC contractor about general warranty-related issues before you chose a specific air conditioner. Now you need to verify the facts. While it’s helpful to know many parts likely have a six-month or year-long warranty, you need more information before you move forward in the process.

Ask your HVAC contractor:>

  • What parts do and don’t fall under the warranty’s coverage? Even though you may not know a compressor from a condensate pump, you should understand which major parts won’t fall under a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Are all parts covered for the same time? All parts may not have the same warranty coverage period. Ask the contractor to explain the length of the warranty for major and minor components.
  • What voids the warranty? Some situations and issues may void a manufacturer’s warranty. In general, these include failure to use approved replacement parts, DIY repairs or installation, or failure to use an approved repair contractor. Some manufacturers may also void warranties for failure to complete routine maintenance tasks.
  • Is labor covered? The manufacturer’s warranty typically only covers the cost of parts. Talk to the contractor about the HVAC company’s role in the warranty and whether they also provide a workmanship guarantee.

What Type of Maintenance Does the Air Conditioner Require?

Warranties aren’t the only reason to schedule routine maintenance. Even though your new air conditioner’s manufacturer may require this type of routine service to validate the warranty coverage, you should also schedule maintenance to reduce premature failure and energy-related risks.

If you’re not sure what types of services your new air conditioner needs on a routine basis or how often to schedule maintenance, ask the HVAC contractor:

A specialty system or smart components may require different types of maintenance or a different schedule. If your new air conditioner has needs that go above and beyond a basic system, discuss routine services with the contractor as soon as possible. This can help to keep your system in top shape right now and for years to come. Do you need a new air conditioner? Contact Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar for more information.

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