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Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar is now BPI certified for whole home energy audits!

Why you Should Get an Energy Audit

If you have an older home, or a home seemingly plagued with heating and cooling issues, a home energy audit can help determine where some of these issues are coming from. A home energy audit can help you find areas in your home where you might have difficulty with heating or cooling loss, which could lead to high energy costs every month. Moreover, a home energy audit will give you an idea as to where your home could see some improvements. We are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified to perform these energy audits. BPI is the industry leader in energy auditing and determining energy efficiency, which is why we wanted to become a certified BPI Home Energy Audit Contractor!

How an Energy Audit Can Help

Once you have determined where you are losing quite a bit of heating and cooling from, it is easier to address the parts of your home that you will need to fix or improve. More importantly, it will give you an idea of why your energy costs may be so high. These are all important things to address with your home so that you don’t let these problems carry on for too long. We can help you every step of the way, and tackle your energy issues one by one.

Making Your Appointment

A Home Energy Audit can help in more ways than one, so don’t delay! The Team at Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar would be more than happy to make you an appointment for a Home Energy Audit. Call today to make your appointment!

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