Air Conditioning / September 21, 2021

HVAC Maintenance: Why Clean Coils Are Key

For a home’s air conditioner to run efficiently, regular maintenance is necessary. You should consider adding a coil cleaning to your maintenance package. Dirty cooling coils prevent the AC from running efficiently. Over time, the dirty coils can cause overuse of the system, which causes premature wear and tear.

The following are some things you should understand about your air conditioner’s coils and how to care for them properly.

What Do the Coils Do?

An HVAC system has two sets of coils. The first is the evaporator coil. This area of the system contains the refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air. The evaporator coil is near the blower fan and is made from steel, aluminum, or copper. Indoor air passes over the evaporator coil and heat energy is absorbed from the air by the refrigerant.

The other coil is the condenser coil. The condenser is found in the outdoor component of the HVAC system. The condenser moves the heat absorbed by the refrigerant outside. The refrigerant then flows back from the condenser coil to the evaporator coil, ready to absorb more heat from your home.

Why Do Coils Operate Better When Clean?

When your coils are clean, the system can more easily cool your home and function properly. When the coils are dirty and the system is not running optimally, your home will not cool as it should. Your electricity bills may also be higher because the system has to work harder to get your home to your desired temperature.

When your system is dirty, you may need more frequent service calls to your HVAC technician for repairs and maintenance. This also increases your home’s maintenance expenses.

Routine inspections and maintenance will help ensure your entire HVAC system is clean and in good working order so your air conditioner will operate better.

How Are the Coils Cleaned?

Cleaning the coils is not difficult but is best done by a professional HVAC technician. The coils must be handled carefully. One small ding or bit of damage to the coils can result in serious damage to your HVAC system. If you do not know how to properly clean the coils, they can easily break and need to be replaced or repaired.

To clean the coils, the HVAC technician will first turn the air conditioner off. He or she may use different methods to clean the coils. One option is simply using pressurized air. The air is compressed and sprayed on the coils to help get rid of dust and debris. This process has to be done carefully. If too much dust and debris get into the rest of the system, it can flow back into your house.

The coils can also be cleaned by hand with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. The debris can be wiped away gently by hand. This method allows for a more controlled cleaning experience and prevents further mess.

If the coils have ice on them, your HVAC contractor may have to use other methods to first figure out the source of the ice. The ice may or may not be removed depending on the issue. Removing ice can damage the components. It is best to let any icy buildup melt naturally.

If you need your HVAC system serviced or have any questions about your air conditioner, please contact us at Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar. We are happy to help diagnose any problems you are having or take care of your HVAC maintenance needs.

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