Air Conditioning / December 4, 2019

4 Ways To Care For Your AC Unit This Fall

Your AC unit has been caring for your health, safety, and comfort all summer. Now you have the chance to perform some upkeep so your unit will still be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you need it again in the spring. Here are some ways you can take care of your unit at the end of the summer.

  1. If You Haven’t Already, Schedule a Checkup
    If you haven’t had the unit professionally serviced yet this year, this step is especially important. However, even if you have had an AC checkup this spring, you may want to call for another professional tune-up or check-in now that the summer is over, especially if:
    ·     Your unit is older and needs extra help
    ·     You use your AC unit for both heating and cooling (this is the case with heat pump AC units)
    ·     Your unit was used a lot and you suspect it needs repairsYou could also make a habit of scheduling maintenance with Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar twice yearly to make extra sure your unit doesn’t sustain any damage that could be prevented by our professional care.
  2. Consider Covering Your Unit
    You may have heard some conflicting advice about covering your AC unit for the winter. And while the outdoor unit does have some vulnerabilities such as fan blades that could be damaged by debris, it’s also made of metal and can typically stand up to most weather conditions.You definitely should not cover your unit if it’s a heat pump unit that provides heat in the winter. If your unit won’t be in use over the winter, you can play it safe by covering the unit with a square of plywood to protect it from falling debris nearby. Tarp-like covers that surround the entire unit are also available, but these can provide shelter for pests such as mice.
  3. Clean Debris Out of the Unit
    Whether you use the unit for winter heating or not, cleaning it after a long summer is a great idea. Start by clearing away any dead leaves and other debris from around the unit. Then decide whether you’ll clean the unit yourself or let your technician do it when he or she comes out for the fall maintenance visit.Typical cleaning chores for an outdoor AC unit include:
    ·     Vacuum out debris from inside the unit and between the fins
    ·     Hose off the coils (gently)
    ·     Use a fin comb to straighten out any flattened or crooked fins on the coilIf you’re experienced with AC units you can do some of this work yourself. Just make sure you switch off the power to the unit (both at the unit, if applicable, and at the circuit breaker box) before you do any work or take the cover off the unit.
  4. Check for and Eliminate Landscape Hazards
    Even after covering the unit with a sheet of plywood, you’ll still want to check any surrounding trees for hazards. Keep trees trimmed well back and remove any trees or limbs that are unhealthy or structurally unsound.You’ll also want to cut back any weeds around the unit, which could provide shelter for rodents or snakes. And consider placing a windbreak near your unit. An evergreen hedge or fence placed on the side of the unit that winter winds typically come from can reduce exposure to hostile weather. Just make sure the windbreak stays several feet away from the unit.These care and maintenance tasks will help you ensure that your AC unit is ready for the winter ahead, whether it will provide heat to your home or simply rest from its summer cooling tasks.

For more information on caring for your AC unit or to schedule a visit for cleaning and maintenance, call Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar today. We can provide maintenance, repair, and installation services for your AC as well as furnace services for your winter heating needs.

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