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Is your solar system acting shady?

If your energy bill is higher than you expected, there is a good chance your solar panels aren’t working properly. The Mauzy team can compare your bills to your anticipated solar production to determine whether there is a problem with your system or if you would benefit from energy saving tips.

We’re an Elite Dealer for SunPower, which means we undergo special training and offer superior products and services. However, the Mauzy team also is trained to perform expert solar repairs for all brands. As a San Diego County resident, you can count on us to:

  • Inspect and address electrical and electrical wiring issues
  • Diagnose issues with solar monitoring
  • Troubleshoot problems with power loss
  • Remove and reinstall (typically done with home remodels)
  • Removal only

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Two Mauzy technicians repairing solar panels on a roof

Solar Panel Repair

Solar panel repair is an essential aspect of maintaining and maximizing the efficiency of a solar energy system. Over time, solar panels can become damaged or develop issues that hinder their ability to convert sunlight into electricity. Understanding the importance of prompt repairs and having a basic knowledge of common problems can help homeowners and businesses ensure their solar panels are functioning optimally. Hiring a professional solar panel repair company can provide quality repair service for solar panel systems. Solar panel repair cost may vary depending on the extent of damage and required repair service.

One common issue with solar panels is physical damage. Hailstorms, falling branches, or even regular wear and tear can cause cracks or breakages in the panels. These damages can affect the overall performance of the solar system, reducing its energy output. Solar panel repair involves replacing the damaged panel or sealing cracks to prevent moisture penetration, which can lead to further deterioration.

Another problem that can occur with solar panels is a decrease in efficiency due to dust, debris, or bird droppings accumulation. When dirt or organic materials cover the surface of the panels, they can block sunlight and reduce the amount of energy produced. Regular solar panel maintenance and cleaning can help prevent such issues, ensuring optimal performance of the solar panels.

Electrical faults are also a common concern for solar panel owners. Faulty wiring, loose connections, or malfunctioning inverters can cause a significant drop in energy production or even complete system failure. In such cases, it is crucial to identify the faulty component and promptly repair or replace it with the assistance of a solar panel repair technician to prevent long-term damage to the entire solar energy system.

In conclusion, regular maintenance and timely repairs are vital for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of solar panels. From physical damages to dust accumulation or electrical faults, a professional solar panel repair service can identify and rectify the issues efficiently, saving you money on energy bills and avoiding costly system replacements. By addressing problems promptly, homeowners and businesses can continue to harness the benefits of renewable energy and contribute to a sustainable future. Finding a reliable solar panel repair company is crucial for maintaining the functionality of your solar panel system. Solar panel repair costs can vary, so it’s important to get price estimates from reputable repair services.

Didn’t Go Green With Us? We Can Still Help!

What do you do if the company that originally installed your solar system is no longer in business or is not returning your calls? No worries! At Mauzy, we can assist you with your solar repair or solar service needs even if we didn’t do the original install.

Types of Solar Panel Issues

Broken panels or inverter? Maybe you’re not even sure. Whatever the issue is, the Mauzy team can address the problem swiftly and accurately.

Here are some of the most common reasons a solar system requires a repair:

  • Damaged wiring: Wiring is a vulnerable component of your solar system and it requires regular inspections to ensure they remain in good condition. Although the wires that connect your solar panels to the rest of your system are insulated, they can be exposed to moisture, high winds or other weather conditions that can loosen them or cause a short.
  • Roof leaks: Any leaking roof is a huge problem, but add solar panels to the equation and it becomes potentially dangerous. Whether it’s due to poor installation techniques from your previous solar company or an issue unrelated to your solar system, our team will determine the source of the leak and repair it—or work with your roofer to address the issue safely.
  • Inverter problems: Your solar power system’s inverter is responsible for converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity for your home. If your inverter fails to work correctly, your system will struggle to achieve optimal levels of energy. This results in low solar power output, leaving you with limited or no power. We have the tools and expertise to diagnose and address inverter problems, such as error codes or burn outs, to get your system back to full power.
  • Pest & critter damage: Squirrels, birds and other animals can cause costly damage to your solar equipment, including its wiring, micro-inverters, optimizers or the solar panels themselves. The Mauzy team can repair damage your solar system may have incurred from these critters and install pest deterrent guards to protect your solar system from this happening again.

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30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar & Batteries

Offer valid for an appointment scheduled before 9/30/2023.

Get a 30% Federal Tax Credit on your new solar panel and/or solar battery installation. Can be combined with $1000 off 10kWh or $500 3.5 kWh battery offer only. Restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

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Signed up for the Costco special for a tune up on my AC. Brett came and checked out my system and assured me everything was running as it should. He was professional and did what he knows best. I was happy to hear the good news “everything looks good”. I’ll be using them again for my next tune up.
C Mc
C Mc
01:27 18 Sep 23
After your technician failed to show up for my appointment on Tuesday, September 12, I was skeptical. Kyle was right on time today. He was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. He finished his inspection quickly and provided a detail Ed report on potential repairs that needed to be made as well as price estimates. Mauzy is fortunate to have such a proficient technician working for you. Tom Carpenter Esq.
Tom Carpenter
Tom Carpenter
19:00 14 Sep 23
AC started turning on and off intermittently. We live on the third story in Lakeside so up and down the stairs is no easy task. Plus getting to the roof is not easy. Brett was awesome, funny and professional. He seemed thorough and honest. We bought the Mauzy membership because of him. Thank you Brett! I’m cold now!
Jennifer San Nicolas
Jennifer San Nicolas
20:10 08 Sep 23
Mauzy did my HVAC/Furnace install a couple of years ago at a great price. Everyone was extremely professional and helpful, from the owner down to the installers.Just had my second tune up done today by Isaac Watkins and he was extremely friendly, courteous, and quick.Everything is working perfectly, just as good as two years ago when installed.Thanks again Mauzy.
Diego Torres
Diego Torres
21:43 07 Sep 23
So I never hesitate to call Mauzy whenever we have an issue. It’s been very hot lately especially at night here in San Diego. This time my condenser was working but no air was blowing in the house. Mauzy sent over Luis Ibarra, a very personable guy. He was really laid back but super professional. Luis was very knowledgeable about his craft. He checked the filters to make sure we were doing our part. The problem was a bad capacitor on the furnace. He pointed it out showed me the indication on the multimeter, took pictures, and sent the photos to me via email. Mauzy has been so good for us we pay vs using our home warranty because the experience is so much better. Luis and Mauzy techs like him make the extra money paid worth it.
Pierre Polk
Pierre Polk
18:42 31 Aug 23

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