Solar Energy in San Diego

Lighting the Way to Energy Savings With Solar

The sun is a potent source of energy with enough strength to power an entire home—more specifically, power your entire home. That’s right—solar energy gives homeowners the ability to operate appliances, lights and home comfort systems in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way all year long.

If you’re a San Diego homeowner looking for an affordable and highly efficient system capable of reducing your home energy costs without sacrificing your home comfort, then a solar-powered energy system may be the ideal solution for your home.

With the cost of energy constantly rising, there is no better time to go green by adding a solar energy system. Coincidently, there is no better solar power contractor qualified to assist you with the transition than Mauzy. When you switch to solar energy with Mauzy, here’s what you can expect.

Two Mauzy technicians standing on a roof pointing to a solar panel installation
Two Mauzy technicians on the roof of a house installing a solar panel

The Sunny Side of Going Solar

Powering your home through a solar-powered energy system radiates the monthly savings you deserve through significantly less expensive energy bills. But that’s not all. Going solar also:

  • Reduces reliance on non-renewable resources for energy
  • Increases property value
  • Provides protection against rising energy costs
  • … And so much more!

If the financial and environmental benefits of switching to solar power aren’t convincing enough, then you’ll be happy to learn that you could receive a tax credit of up to 26 percent of the price you paid for your solar system. This will help to drastically reduce the overall cost of your solar panels and save you even more money on your investment. Furthermore, the average pay back period of a solar system in California is 5-7 years. Now’s the time to switch to solar. In 2021, the tax credit will fall to 22 percent.

Go Green With San Diego’s Solar Experts Today!

Do you want to save money and power your home in a more environmentally friendly manner? Contact Mauzy online or by calling 858.900.3909 to schedule your solar installation today!

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us

Ryan arrived on time and prepared to inspect my A/C system. He methodically evaluated the condition of all electrical and mechanical components. After identifying a failed component, likely due to the initial installation, he promptly provided an explanation and quote to restore the system to working condition. My system now operates at peak performance for a reasonable price. Will use this company again when necessary. Thanks Ryan!
Shaun Thomson
Shaun Thomson
22:50 13 May 20
Great Company! We are always happy with the service we receive from Mauzy. Their work is always super efficient. Ryan came out today and our a/c was back up and running in no time. So glad to have found such a great company with such amazing service!
Kristina Pollett
Kristina Pollett
17:00 11 May 20
I called Mauzy Heating and Air to get a quote for a replacement system for my father in law and they arrived the same day to trouble shoot his AC system and provide a quote for a replacement system. My father in law and I received the quote and compared to other companies and we made the decision to use Mauzy within 2 days. Once we gave approval, Cody Mauzy made contact with us and had a crew out within one day. The crew completed the job in one day and were extremely professional. We asked Cody if they could perform the job ASAP as my mother in law was coming home from the hospital at the end of the week and we wanted her to be comfortable after her cancer surgery. Well, Cody and Mauzy came through in a big way and left a great impression on us. We are very grateful for their service and responsiveness. We highly recommend Mauzy for all your Heating, AC or Solar needs! John S
John Sengebusch
John Sengebusch
03:58 06 May 20
Mauzy installed my unit and maintain it for me since 2004! The unit is up in age but because of their efforts and skills she’s still working as expected. I highly recommend Mauzy. I have never had a bad experience with their staff, workmanship or pricing. Thank you Mauzy! Our technician, Ryan, was professional, tidy, and respectful of our home!
mary coburn
mary coburn
21:00 27 Apr 20
We had our solar installed by Mauzy about 3 years ago and were really impressed with them at the time. Everyone we encountered from the company was just really professional and had great customer service. Recently we were contacted out of the blue by one of their techs (Josh Aroha) to let us know that they’d detected our solar wasn’t working and wanted to send a tech out immediately to check the inverter. He answered all of my questions over the phone very patiently and thoroughly. Today Josh arrived with another tech named Aaron and did a reboot of the inverter to get everything working properly. Again, extremely professional. Took the time to explain how our system works and how to check it. Incredibly impressed.
Jennifer Parker
Jennifer Parker
18:57 24 Feb 20


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