Solar Energy in San Diego

Lighting the Way to Energy Savings With Solar

The sun is a potent source of energy with enough strength to power an entire home—more specifically, power your entire home. That’s right—solar energy gives homeowners the ability to operate appliances, lights and home comfort systems in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way all year long.

If you’re a San Diego homeowner looking for an affordable and highly efficient system capable of reducing your home energy costs without sacrificing your home comfort, then a solar-powered energy system may be the ideal solution for your home.

With the cost of energy constantly rising, there is no better time to go green by adding a solar energy system. Coincidently, there is no better solar power contractor qualified to assist you with the transition than Mauzy. When you switch to solar energy with Mauzy, here’s what you can expect.

Two Mauzy technicians standing on a roof pointing to a solar panel installation
Two Mauzy technicians on the roof of a house installing a solar panel

The Sunny Side of Going Solar

Powering your home through a solar-powered energy system radiates the monthly savings you deserve through significantly less expensive energy bills. But that’s not all. Going solar also:

  • Reduces reliance on non-renewable resources for energy
  • Increases property value
  • Provides protection against rising energy costs
  • … And so much more!

If the financial and environmental benefits of switching to solar power aren’t convincing enough, then you’ll be happy to learn that you could receive a tax credit of up to 26 percent of the price you paid for your solar system. This will help to drastically reduce the overall cost of your solar panels and save you even more money on your investment. Furthermore, the average pay back period of a solar system in California is 5-7 years. Now’s the time to switch to solar. In 2021, the tax credit will fall to 22 percent.

Go Green With San Diego’s Solar Experts Today!

Do you want to save money and power your home in a more environmentally friendly manner? Contact Mauzy online or by calling 619.313.6344 to schedule your solar installation today!

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us

Excellent service. Mauzy employees cooperated with a major flood control project coordinating their jobs in our home with others here from other companies. Very efficient and sensitive to our personal needs including understanding my husband’s illness. I was impressed with the respectful way they treated us and our pets. We love our new units and appreciate their removal of the old unit including ducts without any damage to our home. I admire their integrity.
Joyce Moore
Joyce Moore
02:06 12 Nov 21
This was the third time I have used Mauzy for service/maintenance. During my last service call, Gilbert noted that my control circuit board was pretty much on its last leg. He was spot on. After 2 1/2 months, it officially died, and today, Gilbert came out, put a new board in, thoroughly tested everything and then made sure I was completely satisfied. Like I stated on my prior reviews, it because of stellar service technicians like Gilbert that I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you Gilbert and Mauzy!!
20:39 22 Feb 21
Gilbert was here on schedule at the appointment time. He did a tuneup on my furnace. He was courteous and very thorough as he explained what he was checking. When he was done, he said the system is running great with no issues. I highly recommend Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar for your Heating and Air issues.Thank you Mauzy for your professionalism.Jack Miller
Jack Miller
Jack Miller
21:16 11 Feb 21
Eddie, Carlos and Amar were very professional and did and very good job in installing our new split type ac/heater.The process was smooth and efficient. The product is of good quality. Eddie was amazing.Cody went above and beyond in helping us choose the right product and educated us on the AC/Heating. Honest and good person. We are able to save some money in helping us get our old heating system work that we have not used since we bought the house in 2007.I highly recommend this company.
Sherlita Aguilar
Sherlita Aguilar
02:38 04 Feb 21
We had a Phenomenal Aire cold plasma generator installed in our HVAC air duct system by Mauzy, our go-to experts. This technology has been used for years in hospitals & now is available for residential use. The ions generated circulate thru the household, attach to viruses (COVID, flu, cold), bacteria, mold spores, fungal spores & kills 99.4 % of them. The ions eliminate allergens, odors & breaks down VOC’s. Overall indoor air quality is greatly improved. With 2 large dogs inside, we could tell a difference in just one day. Check out the science & this product. Very simple, no moving parts & no bulbs to replace. Trust your purchase & install to Mauzy. Our favorite Tech, Elkan Cutter, did our install on request. The young man is amazing & will provide you with a seminar on any service or systems he installs. Great job Elkan.
Lee Smith
Lee Smith
00:45 04 Sep 20


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